GSEB Class 10 English Notice Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 10 English Textbook Solutions Notice Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Notice Writing GSEB Std 10 English Grammar

A notice is a kind of writing specially made to provide a piece of information to a prospective group of people. Notices are put up on the notice boards of schools, colleges, companies, hospitals, clubs, zoos, gardens, parks or any other public places.

It is a formal mode of communication where a person in authority, holding a pivotal post, makes a declaration or an announcement for the instructions to be followed by the subordinates for the smooth functioning of the concerned institution or so.

The salutation and subscription of the notice denotes the category of subordinates for whom the information is required to be given and the. signature of the person in authority who is making the announcement, followed by the designation of the office the person is holding.

The person in authority, writing the notice, has to be precise and specific, confining himself only to the instructions to be followed by the concerned staff. It is necessary to mention the date on which the declaration is made or instruction passed.

GSEB Class 10 English Notice Writing

Characteristics of a good notice:

  1.  Eye-catching Caption (Headline).
  2.  Readable and legible print (Handwritten or Printed).
  3. Points arranged according to priority.
  4. Topic Sentence as introduction.
  5. Short matter either in point-wise serial order or in prose order.

Draft a notice on each of the following topics

Question 1.
You are the cultural secretary of your school. You have been asked to inform students of class 8 to 12 about an Inter-school Folk Dance Competition. Draft a notice in about 50 words to be put up on the school notice board, with all necessary details.
July 9, 2020
Best High School Maninagar Folk Dance Competition
An Inter-school Folk Dance Competition will be held at Tagore Hall on 30th October 2019. Students of the standards 8 to 12, willing to participate, should assemble for a trial in the school hall at 10.00 a.m. on September 25 and report for selection to the teacher in charge of Cultural Programme.
Reena Jani –
Cultural Secretary

GSEB Class 10 English Notice Writing

Question 2.
Imagine you are the headteacher of a school. Prepare a notice to fee put up on the school notice board, warning the students s against buying food from roadside vendors.
July 15, 2020
Attention and Beware
Recently many cases of serious food
poisoning have been reported. Hence, all the students are hereby requested and advised to bring only homemade edibles to school. Beware of the roadside vendors. Avoid buying from them and keep yourself strong and healthy.

Question 3.
As a secretary of a residential colony, prepare a notice informing the residents of your colony to keep the volume of their / music systems and TV sets low.
May 1, 2020
Please Tone Down
All the residents of our society Eire sincerely
requested to keep the volume of their music systems and TV sets low. It has been noticed
that high volume has been very disturbing to the students and the sick persons in the colony. Please take care that people are not disturbed because of the noise nuisance.
Gokuldham Society

Question 4.
You are the Secretary of the Tour Organizing Committee of your school. Draft a notice inviting students to join a trip to Gir Forest.
January 7, 2021
Let’s Watch Lions-Pride of Gujarat
Dear friends,
Our school has planned a two day-trip to Gir Forest on January 18 and 19. An adventure tour indeed! We sure going for Lion-watching. We are staying there in tents in the middle of the forest for one night. We will have a campfire at night.
It’s a rare opportunity. Grab it and register your names latest by January 12. Hurry up or stay back home repenting over the rare opportunity.
Rohan Mehta Secretary
Tour Organizing Committee

GSEB Class 10 English Notice Writing

Question 5.
You are the Head boy/Head girl of
your school. Prepare a notice to be displayed on the school notice board announcing Interclass Garba Competition to be held in your school. (March 20)
Notice Prerna International School Limda Chowk, Bhavnagar.
July 15, 2021, Dear friends,
Our school is going to hold an Interclass Garba Competition. Individual entries are invited to participate in the competition to be held on July 25. Those who are interested can enrol their names latest by July 23. Only six entries will be entertained from each division. Entries will be taken on First Come, First Served basis.
Heavy Panchal
Head Girl
Prerna International School

Question 6.
You are a secretary of your society,
The members of the society do not maintain two separate dustbins i.e., green and blue S for the household garbage. Draft a notice for the society informing them to manage ) the same.
NOTICE Springfield Owners’ Association Judges’ Bungalows Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 54.
February 28, 2021
Dear Members,
You are requested to maintain two
separate dustbins’, i.e., Green dustbin for wets waste and Blue dustbin for dry waste. If such ) segregation of household waste is not done 5 properly, municipality will decline collecting
waste from our society/colony. We, the residents of Springfield are all responsible citizens and
would not like if any punitive actions are taken
by Municipal Corporation / Gram Panchayat.
Hope you will all contribute your bit to Swachhata AJbhiyan by following the Ecowise? Waste Management wholeheartedly.
Anticipating warm co-operation from sill of you.
Nimesh Pujara
Springfield Owners’ Association

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