GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 11 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Report Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Report Writing GSEB Std 11 English Grammar

Reporting an event or incident requires a great communication skills. A report is a communication from someone, a detailed account of something seen, heard or done. The chief objective of every report is to give a clear, accurate and unbiased account of some happenings.

The Job of correspondents of all leading newspapers is to send reports of important events or incidents to the news agencies. The students will be asked to write a report of some happening or event in about 100 words for the school magazine or a local newspaper.
Salient Features of a Good Report:

  1. First-hand information about the incident, occurrence of event.
  2. Narration of the event forms the main part of the report.
  3. Sometimes the background leading to that happening or event forms an integral part of that event. The event can’t be explained without describing its background. In such a case a brief background of the event becomes necessary.
  4. Reporting requires a simple, spontaneous, graphic and factual description.
  5. Reporting can include almost everything under the sun. News events, experiences, messages, experiments, interviews, business activities and many more things can come under the purview of reporting.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Important guidelines:

  • It should be precise and accurate.
  • It should be comprehensive and possess clarity of expression.
  • The layout should be attractive.
  • The report should be to the point. Anything out of context must not be included.
  • It should have an eye-catching title.
  • The place and date of reporting must be mentioned at the top left corner.
  • The first sentence should be an extension of the idea expressed in the title.
  • Written in paragraphs, the report should be factual and objective. Do not add any imaginary or unnecessary information.

How to plan a report?
1. Plan titles and subtitles: subtitles are the first step while planning a piece of report.

2. Arrange these subtitles and ideas in a logical sequence. The facts must be arranged in a sequential order.

3. If you are given verbal/visual input, include details about it in your report. A visual .input could be-a sketch, graph, map, chart, photograph, etc.

4. Every report must have the following information:
(a) What is the report about?
(b) When did the event happen?
(c) Where did it happen?
(d) Who were the people involved?
(e) What were the causes? The details of the event.
(f) The outcome of the event.
(g) The conclusion.

Question 1.
You are Anisha Anand, a newspaper reporter. You have seen an autorickshaw full of passengers overturn on a busy road as it is hit by a speeding car. Write a report giving details of number of people injured, service offered to them and the damage caused.
2 Killed on the spot
Ahmedabad, August 28
Two women were killed and two children and two men were seriously injured in a severe accident on the busy Nehru Circle Road.

Two women and two children were travelling in an autorickshaw. When the rickshaw was taking a turn near Nehru Circle, a speeding red Maruti hit it from behind overturning the auto and throwing away one child. Two female passengers came under the front wheels of the car and died on the spot but one child escaped death narrowly.

The auto driver and Maruti driver were lying on the road bleeding profusely. A traffic policeman immediately rushed to the spot and sent the wounded to the nearest hospital. One car owner offered to take the wounded to the hospital immediately on the request of the traffic policeman. The identity of the passengers of the ill-fated auto, auto driver and car driver is still not known.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Question 2.
Sudden weather change resulting in heavy rainfall caused havoc in the city. All the city roads were flooded and there was waist-deep water in some areas. Write a report for a newspaper.
It Rained Cats and Dogs
Ahmedabad, August 12
Sudden heavy rains lashed Ahmedabad city yesterday in the evening. There was sudden change in the weather. Strong wind started blowing and heavy water-laden clouds started pouring down. Thundering in the sky made the atmosphere more gloomy.

People were hurriedly rushing home but waterlogging and up-rooted trees created serious problems for them. Many trees were uprooted due to stormy winds. Subways in the western areas were heavily flooded. A bus got stuck in the water near Handloom House Subway. Rain poured down heavily for almost five hours bringing the city life to a standstill.

Question 3.
A social organisation has conducted a cleanliness drive in your locality. Write a report for a newspaper.
Cleanliness Drive
Vadodara, January 13
N.S.S. students of three local colleges gathered and conducted a Cleanliness Drive in the city. They went about their job with proper equipment and a professional attitude. They were equipped with brooms, buckets and dusters. They protected themselves with hand gloves aprons and surgical masks.

N.S.S. programme officers also participated in the drive. The residents were very cooperative. Some of the residents joined them in their task. Observing the zeal and enthusiasm of the students the Mayor of the city also joined the drive having the broom in his hand. Thus the common passage and compound of the buildings received good attention.

From a school in the locality, some boys and girls volunteered to join. Thus, there was a good response. The social organisation members (N.S.S.) were satisfied with the attitude of the residents. Thus an awareness of the need and importance of cleanliness was created in the minds of the residents.

It is hoped that the good work will be continued in the locality. With their efforts, the buildings, compounds and roads, all got a facelift. N.S.S. students sincerely thanked all the residents and the Mayor of the city for their participation in this drive.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Question 4.
Write a report on a ‘Science Exhibition’ held in your town.
Wonderful Science Exhibition
Surat, February 5
The Rotary Club of Surat arranged a Science Exhibition on 28th February 2019 at the Race Course Ground. 28th February was coincidently celebrated as Science Day. The effort was appreciated by the invitees and the public as well.

The Minister of Education, Govt, of Gujarat, Hon. Bhupendra Sinh Chudasma inaugurated the exhibition. In his introductory speech, N. M. Vasani in charge of conducting the exhibition pointed out the importance of practical demonstration of theoretical knowledge.

A student acquires knowledge of electronics and computers by attending classes. But it is an exhibition that can produce machines and models. Practical application of theory is an educative experience. Students of secondary and higher secondary classes of Surat district participated in the exhibition. The experiment of bio-diesel prepared by the students of Saraswati High School was really wonderful. It attracted the attention of one and all.

Two other experts in science also spoke. One elaborated how he prepared a musical electrical bell. The other explained how he prepared cooking gas from waste products. The great scientist Dr Jayant Naralikar distributed prizes to three of the twenty-three participants. Almost all the VIPs of Surat visited this exhibition.

Question 5.
As a newspaper reporter, prepare a report of a train accident. c
50 Die, 100 Hurt in Train Mishap
Ahmedabad, September 24
At least 50 passengers are feared killed and about 100 reported injured in a head-on collision between a Mumbai-bound passenger train and an empty goods train close to the Ahmedabad railway station at 5 p.m. yesterday.
According to Mumbai railway officials, the probable cause of the collision was a lapse by the station master, who gave the wrong signal. The station-master has been suspended. An enquiry was instituted into the disaster. According to railway sources, efforts are underway to rescue the passengers trapped in the wreckage and it is feared that the death toll might go up.

The injured have been admitted to the B. J. Medical Hospital and the list of casualties has been made available at a special cell set up at the Ahmedabad railway station platform No. 3. The government has announced an interim relief of? 1 lakh to the families of each casualty. Meanwhile, train services on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad section have been resumed after the immediate rescue work.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Question 6.
Prepare a report on the Literacy Training Camp organised in your town.
Literacy Training Camp
Vadodara, July 28
A successful literacy drive was organised by the teachers and students of Navbharat High School. They were told by the teachers that by the end of the academic year they should successfully make the neighbourhood literate. The teachers asked them to start it at home with the domestic servants by teaching them the power of alphabet. Initially, the servants had no time but they adjusted their time to suit them.

Whenever they were free, the students visited their homes. At first the response was not so good, but when explained that how important it is to know to write their names, read newspapers, etc. they were interested; they taught them in’ Hindi, the national language. They did not use textbooks but used rolled blackboards, distributed notebooks, pencils and taught them the basics. They taught the people to depend less on others and make them aware of their rights and duties. The adult education officer visited the school and appreciated the efforts done by the students and teachers.

Question 7.
Write a report on the Independence Day celebration in your school.
Independence Day Celebration
Bhavnagar, August 17
Our school – Little Flower English School – celebrated Independence Day on the 15th of August. We hoisted the flag in the most ceremonious manner by the auspicious hands of an old Freedom Fighter with the help of the scouts who saluted the flag and sang the National Anthem. Then we moved to the school hall for a short cultural programme. Some of the items were very good and significant.

The most colourful item was the Fancy Dress where the boys and girls had dressed in traditional clothes and represented couples from various states of India. Each couple came forward and spoke one or two sentences in their native language and then translated into English. The aim was to bring out the most important aspect of that particular state. This item was symbolic of the unity and prosperity which we would like to establish in India.

There was a skit titled ‘Spare the rod and save the child.’ This brought out the parent-child relation with regard to his studies and how the teacher and parent can combine their efforts to relieve the stress to the child and still make him perform better.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

There were some speeches to highlight the duties of the citizens in a nation like ours. There were two solo dances by Puja Khare and Sunita Sharma from Std. VIII who were training to become professional dancers. It was a variety entertainment programme with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Question 8.
The Mayor of your city was present for the Tree Plantation Programme organised by your school. Prepare a report for the newspaper.
Tree Plantation Programme
Ahmedabad, October 10
The social service group and N.C.C. group of Rajasthan High School, Ahmedabad organised a Tree Plantation Programme in the ground opposite the school building. The Biology teacher helped a lot. The saplings were brought from Sai Nandanwan Nursery.

In appreciation of the children’s efforts, the garden authorities did not charge for the saplings. The school children were grateful to the principal of Agriculture College who accepted their invitation, to grace the occasion with his presence and bless the participants. A few distinguished persons from the locality were also present. The school Sanskrit teacher chanted a few couplets as invocation to Mother Nature. The school gardener helped to select the spot, loosened the soil and made a pit for each plant.

Five saplings were planted by the principal along with president and secretary of the trust. The P. T. teacher clicked many photos to cover the occasion. In all 25 saplings were planted. A circle of pebbles was made around each stem and the children watered it gently. It is essential to water the saplings regularly till their roots become firm and strong. On the whole, it was a novel and enjoyable experience. The children were anxious to see their saplings grow into strong plants or trees in future.

Question 9.
Your class visited an institute for the disabled children. Prepare a report for newspaper.
God’s Special Children
Mahesana, December 20
We, the students of Std. XI-A got a chance to visit a special school for disabled children named Sane Guruji Vidyalaya. There were nearly 100 children and their physical disabilities were diverse. In spite of their handicaps, they were all busy doing something or the other.

We were told that they were the victims of polio, paralysis, cerebral palsy or some accident. The sight of some of them was enough to rend one’s heart. At the same time, unconsciously, you heave a sigh and thank God for keeping you normal. There was a boy who had only one normal limb. He was making the best use of his arm and mouth to create some artistic material on a specially devised weaving machine.

Another case which caught our attention was a girl who had no strength in any of her limbs. Can you believe she could write, draw and even paint, holding the brush in her, mouth? There were three such children who were making pictures and greeting cards for sale in Diwali, Christmas and New Year. There were others, each one working on a machine specially devised with wheels, pedals or handles which gave them different kinds of movement needed for rehabilitation.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

This visit really melted our hearts. We, with two arms and two legs, have nothing to grumble about! These are not disabled children but special children with special abilities. We have to appreciate their teachers also. May God bless them all!

Question 10.
Write a report for your college magazine on the Annual Prize Distribution function held in your college.
Annual Prize Distribution
Ahmedabad, January 20
Our Annual Prize Distribution function was held in our college cultural hall on 20th January 2019. The programme began with an invocation to Goddess Saraswati. The first item was a skit to emphasize the importance of English in order to secure good posts. The skit involved Gujarati, Hindi and English languages.

The next item was mimicry. Bharat Satpute of Std. XII-B imitated the principal as well as lady teachers. He performed wonderfully well and everybody enjoyed it, because there was no malice in it. The third item was a Bhangra dance in which a good number of boys and girls of Std. XI took part.

Then the stage was arranged to accommodate the honoured guests of the evening. The jubilant prize winners had lined up in the order of the list. The prize books were piled up on the tables at the side of the stage. The prizes were given away by Sabnis and the other principals on the stage. The prize books had been selected according to the need and interest of each prize winning child.

The chief guest made a short inspiring speech in which he praised the performance of boys and girls. He congratulated the prize winners and asked them to aim higher. The function concluded at about 8 p.m. with the singing of our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’.

GSEB Class 11 English Report Writing

Question 11.
You have represented your college at the Republic Day Parade. Report your experiences for the benefit of your college to be displayed on the wall magazine.
Republic Day Parade
Rajkot, February 28
I was one of the lucky persons to represent our college on the grand occasion of the Republic Day. The parade was held at Race Course Ground, Rajkot. Elaborate preparations were made. There were several enclosures for the various schools and colleges which were participating.

Every school and college had a banner with their emblem embroidered on it. All the boys were dressed in white. We had all assembled there by 7.30 a.m. Ruparel College had a very colourful group of boys. There were artists from various schools which had contributed cultural items.

By 8 o’clock we were ready for the grand march. Everyone looked so smart when lined up for the march. A school band played the marching tune. The Chief Minister and other important personalities took the salute. The whistle blew and we took our positions. The National Flag was hoisted and all of us joined in singing the national song following the lead given by a group of musicians.

Our leaders took us in an orderly manner back to our enclosures. We sat and watched the cultural show. A short skit was enacted to remind us of our duties towards our home, school, college, society and the nation. The last item was a colourful dance by a group of well-trained dancers. There were a few speeches as usual. The programme was concluded with the national anthem.

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