GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 12 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills E-mail Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

E-mail Writing GSEB Std 12 English Grammar

E-mail is the modern way of sending a letter through computer. Letter can be formal/informal. Content of the letter should be relevant to the topic. However, It Is necessary to have E-mail address of the sender as well as receiver.

What Is E-mail writing?
E-mail Is electronic mall. Ills the exchange of stored communication of computer through telecommunIcatIon. These messages are in a text form. They are sent from one computer to another through telephone lines and stored In a remote computer till the receiver goes through them.

While reading an E-mail we must bear In mind that the messages sent are clear, concise and to the point. Messages sent by E-mail are cheaper and can cover a large area throughout the world.

The advantage In E-mail is speed. You can send or respond to messages or send and receive entire documents In seconds. E-mail Is divided Into two parts. viz: address and message. With the help of address, a message can be sent to the proper person. Formalities such as salutation and subscription can be avoided.

GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Format of E-mail Writing

From: E-mail address of the writer/sender of the E-mail
To: E-mail address of the receiver,
CC: address of another receiver, if any (Not compulsory for exam.)
Subject: Subject of the E-mail (in 3 to 4 words)

Body of the E-mail:
1st paragraph – whereabouts and updates of the sender
2nd paragraph – purpose of E-mail
3rd paragraph – conclusion/regards to elders/love to young ones
Subscription Cheers / Regards,
XYZ / ABC / Name given

Attachments (If any) :
Name the attachments if any, such as copy of invitation cards, photographs, etc.

Specimens of E-mail Writing

Question 1.
Write an E-mail to your friend congratulating him/her on his / her success.

Subject: Congratulations on success

My dear Meenu,
Today’s paper is before my eyes. Your photo on the front page speaks volumes. It tells that you have stood first in the Board Examination. I congratulate you on your brilliant success.

You are the industrious and promising daughter of a hard-working father. Everyone knows that your father had stood first in the whole district. You have followed in his footsteps.

You have been burning the midnight oil. Your hard work has borne fruit. You must be feeling elated. Your parents and teachers had pinned all their expectations on you and you have not failed them. You deserve my heartiest congratulations. Please convey the same to your parents.
Yours sincerely,

GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Question 2.
Your father works in Bengaluru. Write an E-mail telling him of the state of things at home in his absence.
Subject: Chaotic situation at home

Dear Dad,
I hope this e-mail of mine finds you in the pink of your health. Sorry for not keeping in touch with you since last five days. Things are not fine at my end and that kept me busy.
I am sorry to tell you that mother has been ill for the past three days. She has been suffering from cough, she has a high temperature and requires to be carefully nursed. We have hired nurse for her. She passed two restless nights, and we were afraid that she might develop pneumonia.

But, now she is out of danger. So kindly don’t bother. You will be glad to learn that Rutul has come out through the examination with flying colours. Mansi is attending her college as usual. My job is going on fine. I am expecting a promotion and an appraisal very soon. Yesterday, Kaveri aunty arrived unexpectedly from Mumbai. She never knew that mother was so ill. She is now with us and is a great help to mother and us.

Pass our regards to all your friends there. Don’t bother about us. Everything is alright here, except that I am missing you a lot. Hope to see you soon,

Question 3.
Write an E-mail to your uncle thanking him for the birthday present.
Subject: Thanks for birthday present

My dear Uncle,
Yesterday was Saturday. It was my birthday. I celebrated it with great fun and gaiety.
Early in the morning, there was a knock at the door. I opened it. I saw a stranger holding a nicely wrapped parcel in his hand. He asked me my name. He also asked me my relation with you. After that confirmation, he gave me the parcel.

I opened it and to my surprise and happiness, there was an extremely beautiful, golden wristwatch and a safari suit. There was also a brief note ‘To Ajay With love on his twenty-first birthday. I began to jump with joy.

Dear Uncle, it is so kind of you to have remembered me. Your valuable gift speaks volumes of your love for me. Even sitting at a far off place in a foreign country, you have not forgotten me. No doubt, I got a heap of presents on the eve of my birthday, but none is as precious and beautiful as your present. I know my aunt and my cousins love me dearly. I thank you for this nice and everlasting gift of permanent value. As and when I look at my watch for time, I remember you and your love for me. The safari suit is excellent. It also deserves my bountiful thanks.
With love to you all.

GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Question 4.
Write an E-mail to the Municipal Commissioner complaining about poor water supply in your colony.
From: Vishwas
Subject: Poor water supply in Amraiwadi

Respected Sir,
I, Vishwas Rasikbhai Shah, have been residing in Bhavnesh colony in Amraiwadi area, since 2007. The water supply in our colony has been cut, officially by 45 %. This has caused a lot of inconvenience to the residents. It is summer and people of course, need more water. They need water for drinking, bathing and even for other miscellaneous purposes. Many residents of our colony have to refrain themselves from daily bath. Many cannot manage to wash clothes. As a result, our lives have become miserable.

People stand in queues for hours waiting for water tankers. For the working class, this is something strenuous. There is no other source of getting water because even the hand pumps do not work efficiently. If immediate steps are not taken, it may result in chaos among the residents. Please request the authorities to take steps for restoring the regular supply of water. We have made several complaints and requests to the water department but in vain.
Vishwas Shah

Question 5.
Write an E-mail to your Mend describing him your new house and new neighbours.
Subject: New house, new neighbours

My dear Vijay,
You will be happy to know that we have purchased a new house in a posh colony of Ahmedabad. It is in Bhopal. The place is extremely calm, quiet and serene. The streets are quite wide and spacious. The house itself is situated on a nice plot of land. It is a corner plot. It is quite advantageous. It opens on all three sides.

It is a double-storey house. There are three rooms in the front portion and three in the rear. It is airy and well-ventilated. There are marble floorings. The walls are painted very beautifully. The pride of the house is its kitchen and bathroom. Both are fully tiled. There is a beautiful marble tub inside the bathroom. There are metallic fittings. There is also the provision of a telephone and a shower-bath. There is a system of cold and hot water. I have my own separate room for studies. Our new neighbours are very nice people.

On the right of our house is Mr Juneja. He is a postgraduate, teacher teaching Mathematics. Quite a large number of students come to him for guidance. These groups of boys and girls talk highly of his ability and hard work. On the left is Mr Dang, an officer in NBCC. He is thoroughly polite, courteous and gentle. I invite you and your parents to visit our new house.
Yours sincerely,

GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Question 6.
Write an E-mail to your friend apologizing for not attending his party.
Subject: Apologizing for not attending party

Dear Pooja,
With the hope that you are fit and fine, I write this E-mail to you. I am all well here, working day and night due to some urgent projects and assignments. Sorry, I was not able to get to your house warming party last Friday. I was all ready to leave the house when my aunt from Ireland arrived home for a surprise visit. She was alone in the town for one evening before she went to my brother’s house, so I had to stay with her.

I’m really sorry, buddy. I tried to telephone you, but your line was busy the two times when I telephoned. Then I was out with my aunt in town and did not have the chance to ring again. I hope you understand. I know you wanted me to be there. Oh well, next time maybe! My evening with that old aunt was really boring… if that makes you feel any better. See you soon. Sorry once again.

Question 7.
Write an E-mail to your friend asking him about the health of his mother.
Subject: Inquiring about the health of a friend’s mother

My dear Nath,
Last time when I met you, you were worried about the health of your mother. She was under the treatment of Dr Shah. She was suffering from serious ailment. You have been nursing her day and night.

Your concern for your mother is genuine. After all, it is she who has brought you up after the demise of your father. She has educated you. She has acted both as your father and mother. To serve such a dear mother is really a matter of great pride. It is your paramount duty to look after her health.

I am greatly hopeful of her recovery. Write to me post-haste about the health of your dear mother. Your letter will allay all my fears. I will not rest till I get encouraging news from your side.
Yours sincerely,

Question 8.
Write an E-mail to your younger brother asking him not to work very hard or tax himself too much.
Subject: Avoid overworking

My dear Pankit,
I am in receipt of your school progress report. It tells about your brilliant performance in all school subjects but zero in physical exercise. It is a matter of great sadness.
Dear Pankit! You have been in the hospital for over a month. You are extremely frail and weak. You are still continuing medicine. You must observe precautions. It is said that prevention is better than cure. You need not work so hard. You need not tax your feeble body so much as it will tell upon your health.

Your fever can relapse, you can fall prey to a serious illness. You should know that nothing is more important than this life. If one is hale and hearty, he will enjoy all the blessings of life. But if one is ill, all the charm of life ends automatically.

What is the use of being industrious and hardworking at the cost of losing one’s health? Keep yourself free from strain and tension. Do not. exert too much. Improve your health. Build your stamina. Acquire more and more physical resistance. Take plenty of exercises. Eat nourishing food. Next time when we meet, I want to see you healthy and glowing.
Your loving brother,

GSEB Class 12 English E-mail Writing

Question 9.
You received a parcel of books sent by Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd. New Delhi, On opening the parcel you found that the books delivered, were damaged in transit. Write an e-mail claiming compensation for the books damaged in transit.
Subject: Seeking compensation for damaged books

I regret to bring to your notice the utter callousness and criminal negligence of the railway staff in the delivery of consignments. A parcel of books was sent to me by Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd. New Delhi by train on 25th August 2020.

I received the delivery of the consignment on 4th of September 2020. When I opened the parcel, I was shocked and surprised. The books were in a very bad shape due to rough handling. Some of them were badly damaged in transit. Their binding had been dislocated and pages spoiled with the stains of dirt and rainwater, Clearly, the railway staff’s callousness, negligence and rough handling led to this avoidable loss.

The extent of damage to the books is quite heavy. The railway authorities are squarely responsible for causing this damage and loss. The damaged books are valued at rupees two thousand. So I would press for compensation. If you like, you can have an independent assessment of the loss yourself.

I hope you will consider my claim for compensation sympathetically and expedite the recovery of compensation at the earliest.
Chiranjeev Shukla

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