GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 2 Map

This GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 2 Map covers all the important topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapter.

Map Class 6 GSEB Notes

→ A map is defined as a two-dimensional representation of the whole or part of the earth, drawn to /scale, on a flat surface.

→ With the help of a map, a correct picture of any area can be known.

→ There are three components of a map:

  1. Direction
  2. Scale and
  3. Conventional signs.

→ Generally, there is a sign on the upper side of every map which indicates the north direction.

→ If the scale of a map is known, then an actual distance between any two places can be known.

→ Letters, shades, colours, pictures and lines can be used in the maps. These signs give much more information in less space.

GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 2 Map

→ The map has a simple and worldwide accepted language. There is an international understanding about the usage of this language. This is called ‘Conventional signs’ of the map.

→ Different colours are used in maps to indicate specific geographical features, e.g., black indicates man-made features like buildings, roads, railways, etc. blue indicates water bodies like seas, oceans, lakes, reservoirs, wells, canals, etc. brown indicates mountains and hills; green for forest and yellow for plains.

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