GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Gujarat Board GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Second Language Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign Textbook Exercise Questions and Answers.

GSEB Std 12 English Textbook Solutions Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign (2nd Language)

GSEB Class 12 English No Men are Foreign Text Book Questions and Answers


1. Here are some words / phrases Expressing Oneness (EO) and words Hanning Oneness (HO). Write EO or HO in the box.

[ EO ]single body
[ HO ] arms against each other
[ EO ] not different from
[ HO ] hells of fire
[ EO ] everywhere our own
[ EO ] our brothers
[ HO ] no men are strange
[ HO ] hate our brothers
[ EO ] eyes like ours
[ EO ] common life
[ EO ] no men are foreign

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

2. Words have literal meaning (denotation) and suggestive meaning (connotation). Fill in the missing parts in the table.

Words / Phrases Connotation Denotation
single body similar body same type of human beings
harvest season, time period prosperity
starved go hungry lack of, to suffer
labour physical or mental effort toil
recognize identify make out
betray to hurt someone by doing something moraly wrong let down
defile pollute to spoil
outrage anger to show disrespect
dispossess lose relations deprive
condemn censure criticize

3. Write whether these sentences are T (True) or F (False).

(1) The poem is about universal brotherhood and establishment of peace. True
(2) We should take arms against each other In times of war. False
(3) Every land is strange and it is difficult to understand their people. False
(4) The kind of labour people do varies from country to country. False
(5) We can achieve strength by means of love and understanding. True
(6) When a war breaks out between nations, it is our mother Earth that we pollute. True

4. Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
How does the poet suggest that all people on the earth are same ?
According to the poet, we may appear to be different but we live under the same banner, i.e., humanity. We are attached to this earth. We live here and we will ultimately die here. We all enjoy the same sun, breathe the same air and drink the same water.

Question 2.
Find five ways in which all are alike. Pick out the words which convey this.
The poet says we are all alike. ‘No men are strangers’. We may appear to be different but beneath that diversity ‘a single body breathes’. We all ‘walk upon the same earth’ and finally on earth it is that ‘we shall all lie’. We are all ‘aware of the (same) sun, air and water’.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Question 3.
whenever we are told to hate our brothers …” When do you think this happens ? Why?
When men begin to think they are strangers to each other then we develop a feeling of hatrade for one another. We forget the fact that by going to war we shall defile our own earth, and it will bring death even to the innocent.

Question 4.
How is the theme of humanity highlighted in the poem ?
At the outset, the poet stresses the fact that even in diversity we are all alike breathing the same air and enjoying the same sunshine. They perform the same tasks. But when envy makes us hate one another we forget that we dispossess, betray and condemn our own brothers.

Question 5.
‘Beneath all uniforms …’ what uniforms do you think the poet is speaking about?
When the poet talks about ‘uniform’ he refers to diversity of cultures, the cast, creed, colour, religion, languages, etc. Discrimination is developed amongst people due to these differences.

Question 6.
What is the message of the poem ?
The poems gives us a strong message that humanity is the need of the hour. We are all connected to one another through the bonds of humanity. Since we are of the earth we are related to each other through the ‘Earth’. We become part of the earth through birth and through death. We should not defile the earth through our inhumane acts.

(A) Additional Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions

Question 1.
What is the irony in ‘uniform’ ?
‘Uniform’ means a singular identification mark such as dress, costume or colour. But uniform gives rise to differences. Because every nation has a uniform, the world remains divided rather than united.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Question 2.
What is the poet – James Kirkup – trying to remind us through his poem ?
The poet, James Kirkup, is trying to correct our extreme and uncivilized nationalism and the brewing differences. We inhabit the same planet, drink the same water and breathe the same air but we feel different and behave like enemies at times. The poet wants us to eliminate our patriotism for a limited area called a nation or state.

Question 3.
What do you mean by ‘human earth’ ?
‘Human earth’ refers to the earth that is full of human feelings and human values-love and brotherhood, compassion and care, unity and concern.

Question 4.
How do we defile the human earth ?
We defile the human earth by considering other men and men as our enemies. We take them as outsiders and foreigners by dividing our earth into countries, countries into states and so on and we develop enmity against another group of people.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Question 5.
What do you mean by the ‘innocence of the air’ ?
Air is essentially clean and pure, so it is innocent. Because we raise dust and emit smoke, the air turns calamitous and dark. Air doesn’t mean to bring destruction but human activities pollute the air and make it poisonous.

(B) Reading Comprehension

Read the following stanzas and answer the following questions:

(1) Remember, no men are strange, no countries foreign
Beneath all uniforms, a single body breathes
Like ours : the land our brothers walk upon
Is earth like this, in which we all shall lie.

(1) Explain ‘Beneath all uniforms, a single body breathes’.
(2) Explain the words ‘Like ours’.
(3) What do you understand by ‘we shall all lie’.
(1) ‘Beneath all uniforms, a single body breathes’ means there maybe different cultures, dresses, religions, etc. but human beings are the same everywhere.
(2) The wods ‘Like ours’ suggest that whom we think of as ‘others’ or foreigners are not different people than we are. They are human beings like us in all respects.
(3) In the line – ‘We all shall lie’, our ‘death’ is suggested. After death, whether persons are buried or cremated, they all ‘lie’ in the earth.

(2) They, too, aware of sun and air and water,
Are fed by peaceful harvests, by war’s long winter starvd.
Their hands are ours, and in their lines we read
A labour not different from our own.

Questions :
(1) What is the meaning of ‘war’ long winter starv’d’ ?
(2) Explain – ‘A labour not different from our own.’
Answers :
(1) War’s long winter starv’d means wars create such destruction that there is scarcity of everything for a very long time. People are deprived of the things that they need for their life.
(2) All over the world people ‘labour’, i.e., carry out work to feed themselves in the same way. Forms maybe different, but work is almost the same.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

(3) Remember they have eyes like ours that wake
Or sleep, and strength that can be won
By love. In every land is common life
That all can recognise and understand.
Let us remember, whenever we are told
To hate our brothers, it is ourselves
That we shall dispossess, betray, condemn.

(1) What do the words – ‘That all can recognise and understand’ refer to?
(2) ‘Whenever we are told to hate our brothers, it is ourselves’- Explain.
(1) There are some virtues like love that every human being possesses. These are such feelings that all can recognise and understand, however different they are in various respects.
(2) The poet says that we all human beings are creation of God. We are all brothers living on this planet, so when we hate the other, it is hatred towards ourselves.

(4) Remember, we who take arms against each other
It is the human earth that we defile.
Our hells of fire and dust outrage the innocence
Of air that is everywhere our own.
Remember, no men are foreign, and no countries strange.

(1) ‘Who take arms against each other’ Explain.
(2) Identify the Figure of Speech in – Remember, no men are foreign,and no countries strange.
(1) ‘Who take arms against each other’ means who fight against each other,
(2) The Figure of Speech used in the line – ‘Remember, no men are foreign, and no countries strange’ is Litotes.


1. Circle the letter of each correct answer. There may be one to four correct answers.

Question 1.
Which behaviour of ants shows their adeptness ?
(a) farming fungus
(b) conceding to views
(c) carrying load
(d) helping one another in carrying load
(a),(c) and (d)

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Question 2.
The ants relished ……..
(a) helping each other
(b) tasty food
(c) farming
(d) attacking the nest of black ants
(b) tasty food

Question 3.
The driver ants are known as the most amongst all the ants.
(a) fierce
(b) violent
(c) intelligent
(d) amicable
(a) fierce

Question 4.
The construction which is a habitation of the ants is called …………
(a) antelope
(b) ambush
(c) anthill
(d) anthouse
(c) anthill

Question 5.
The ants are used to …….. work.
(a) compelled
(b) amazing
(c) domestic
(d) arduous
(d) arduous

2. Make a list of the sentences from Read 1 wherein the synonyms of these words are used.

(assault, precipice, crumb, hard labour, incredible, ditch, precipitous)
(1) assault: ambush, attack
Sentence: When the red ants want slaves, they ambush the nests of the black ants.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

(2) precipice : a steep cliff

(3) crumb : bits, pieces
Sentence: The ants began fetching the small bits of these insects up to their anthill.

(4) hard labour: arduous
Sentence: That was an arduous task for them.

(5) incredible : amazing, surprising
Sentence: And now an amazing thing happened.

(6) ditch : pit
Sentence: A number of ants were down in a pit.

(7) precipitous : perpendicular, steep
Sentence: Near the top of the pit, however, there was a small part of the way which was completely smooth and steep / perpendicular.

3. Replace the underlined words with the words that have opposite meaning from the brackets.

(liquid, abduct, relish, indolent, fled, ferocious, arduous)
Example: This detergent is available in solid or powder form.
This detergent is available in liquid or powder form.
(1) Ten million people stood their ground from East to West Germany between 1945 and 1991.
(2) Lion is a gentie animal.
(3) Rajul ate the meal with dislike, and asked for the meal again.
(4) He served on the most comfortable stations, and avoided the more easy work of the navy.
(5) The boy was released by his father and taken out of the country without his mother’s permission.
(6) Although Ankit can be industrious on his days off, he gives one hundred per cent at work.
(1) Ten million people fled from East to West Germany between 1945 and 1991.
(2) Lion is a ferocious animal.
(3) Rajul ate the meal with relish, and asked for the meal again.
(4) He served on the most comfortable stations, and avoided the more arduous work of the navy.
(5) The boy was abducted by his father and taken out of the country without his mother’s permission.
(6) Although Ankit can be indolent on his days off, he gives one hundred percent at work.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

4. The word ‘anthill’ is a compound word made from ‘ant’ and ‘hill’. Match ‘A’ with ‘B’ to form compound words and use them in your sentences.

‘A’ ‘B’ Compound words and your sentences
ant time Example: Valmiki was covered by an anthill.
life rocket lifetime: To improve one’s character is a lifetime process.
eye light eye-sight: Due to weak eye-sight the driver was unable to see the road clearly.
check table check-out: The check-out time in the hotels is usually 8 am.
sky fast sky-rocket : The prices of essential commodities are sky-rocketing.
side hill sidelight: The accident was caused due to the failure of sidelight.
break out break dance: He has achieved mastery in break dance.
time ball timetable: The timetable is a guideline for the teachers to attend lec­tures.
foot dose football: We require stamina to play football.
over line overdose: Due to the overdose of medicine the patient died.
out sight out-line: Students have to point out the locations of the states in the out-line map of India.
super dance superfast: Journey by a superfast train is enjoyable.

5. Replace the underlined words with the most appropriate ones from the brackets.

(crushed, maybe, believe, domesticated, shadowy, creature, trapped, forced, lawn, thought, amazing, unexpectedly, almost, thriving)
It was the most astonishing kite in the world, a tame living being always wagging its tail, shaking its ears, sitting down on the tops of houses, getting stuck in trees, entangled in hedges, flopping down on ponds, or lying flat on the grass and mostly chewed up at the end. I have often wondered who its father and mother were.

Perhaps they were very poor people, just made of newspaper and little bits of common string knotted together, compelled to fly day and night for a living, and never being able to give any time to their children or to bring them up properly. The kite stuck itself on a roof one day, a common red roof with a broken chimney and three tiles missing.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

It stuck itself there, and it would not move; the children tugged and pulled but still it would not move. At last they brought a ladder, and had nearly reached it when suddenly the kite started and flew away, right away over the field and over the heath, and over the far woods, and it never came back again-never-never.

Dear, that is all. But I believe sometimes that perhaps beyond the shadowy pines and the thriving sea the kite is flying still, on and on, farther and farther away, forever and forever.

6. Frame meaningful sentences using the words given in the set.

Question 1.
steep – cliff – amazing
It is amazing that a twelve year old girl could climb a steep cliff effortlessly.

Question 2.
love – ferocious – creature – domesticate
Though tiger is a ferocious creature we would love to domesticate it.

Question 3.
success – take to – arduous – relish
If we take to arduous labour we will relish the fruits of success.

Question 4.
compelled – devour
Inevitable circumstances compel a ferocious animal to devour its prey.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

Question 5.
ambush – clear away – terrorist
The Indian soldiers had to clear away all the obstructions to ambush the terrorist.

Question 6.
work – interest – drudgery
The drudgery of clerical work kills the interest even of a good labourer.

7. Choose the correct forms of the words given in the brackets.

All people are essentially (essential) the same. Underneath any colour of any soldier’s uniform belonging to any nation, another human being breathes (breathe) the same air just like any other person.

All walk on the same kind of land and will be buried (bury) in it. All are fed (feed) by the harvest and the harvests are ruined (ruin) by war. All do the same kind of work; sleep and walk on their own native soil.

In times of war or peace, even the international foes are forced (force) to undergo the same trials. All people are fed (feed) abundantly on the prosperity (prosper) of agriculture and farming.

Love is something that conquers (conquer) all the people.
Find words from the poem indicating the meaning of the words given below. Then use them in sentences of your own.

Example : yield – harvest
Sentence : To harvest their crops, they need equipment and suitable storage facilities.

(1) identify – recognise
Sentence: The teacher could not recognise his student whom he had met after 20 years.

(2) work – labour
Sentence: High wage is paid to the workers who labour overtime.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

(3) quiet – unable to move
Sentence: A python who has swallowed its prey is unable to move.

(4) taint – difile
Sentence: A noble cause is defiled by the i greed of its supporters.

(5) under – beneath
Sentence: They found the body buried beneath pile of leaves.

(6) cheat – betray
Sentence: In failing to return our money he betrayed our trust.

(7) vigour – strength
Sentence: Moral strength is essential to win a war.

(8) criticize – condemn
Sentence: We all condemn cruelty to children.


(Describing Process : Doer not important)

1. Read the process of sorting letters:
(Note: Read the process of sorting letters from the textbook.)

2. Here are some sentences from the Read. Study the underlined verb forms given in these descriptions.

(a) The following behaviour was noticed by a scientist who was making a study of ants.
(b) It seemed that, after all, they had been defeated.
(c) They are called by that name because they are often seen carrying large pieces of leaf over their heads like umbrellas.

Answer the questions :

(a) Who noticed what ?
A scientist, who was making a study of ants noticed the behaviour of ants.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

5. The teacher will prepare 10 chits for different actions to mime.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign 2

Students will mime one by one in the class. The teacher will ask questions to the class in passive voice and students should answer in active voice. One is done for you.

(1) Drink water
Teacher: How will tills water be drunk without touching It?
Student: I will drink the water using a straw.
The teacher should enrich the list of actions for more practice.

(2) Eat a chilly
Teacher: By whom was the chilly eaten?
Student: Bhavna ate the chilly.

(3) Lift a bicycle
Teacher: By whom was tile bicycle lifted?
Student: Suresh lifted the bicycle.

(4) Write a letter
Teacher : By whom was the letter written?
Student: Mukesh wrote the letter.

(5) Read a newspaper
Teacher : By whom was the newspaper read ?
Student: Pravin read the newspaper.

(6) Prepare tea
Teacher : By whom was the tea prepared ?
Student: Amrut prepared the tea.

(7) Cut an apple
Teacher : By whom was the apple cut ?
Student: Pritesh cut the apple.

(8) Wash clothes
Teacher : By whom were the clothes washed ?
Student: Gurprit washed the clothes.

(9) Put a pen on the table
Teacher : By whom was the pen put on the table ?
Student: Manish put the pen on the table.

(10) Play tennis
Teacher : By whom was tennis played ?
Student: Tennis was played by Bhavin.

6. It is very easy to make popcorn if you follow the correct process. Arrange the steps to make popcorn. Fill in the blanks with proper verb forms. Write the numbers in the box.

1. Then the pot should be removed (remove) from the stove, which should be turned off (turn off). 6
2. In the next stage, the flame should be reduced (reduce) and the pot should be gently shaken (shake) until the corn pops. 5
3. The first step is that three tablespoons of oil should be put (put) in a large pot. 1
4. Finally, the popcorn should be emptied (empty) into a large bowl, where melted butter and salt should be added (add). 7
5. Next, one kernel of popcorn should be added (add). 2
6. Next, the pot should be placed (place) on the stove and the oil should be heated (heat) on a high flame. 4
7. After this kernel pops, a quarter cup of popcorn should be put (put) into the pot. The pot should be covered (cover) with a lid. 3

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

7. The teacher divides the class into two. The members of group A will stand before the class and read from the chit given by the teacher. It will have a description of something. The member of group B will identify what is going on. The roles can be reversed.

Group A reads: The view was set. The button was pressed. The shutter sounded ‘click’.
Group B answers: A photograph was taken.

Chit 1 :
A card is inserted. A password is typed. Some options are selected. At the end of the process, money is given to you.
Money is being withdrawn from ATM.

Chit 2 :
Water will be boiled. Sugar and tea leaves will be added. The hot brown liquid will be filtered. It will be placed in a fridge. It will be served with mint leaves and a dash of lemon.
Hot tea is being prepared and served.

Chit 3:
Umbrellas have been kept aside.
Raincoats have been put into cupboards. The plastic cover has been removed from the hut of Kaluram.
Rainy season is over.

Chit 4:
The leg of the opponent is being pulled. The shoulders and hands are being held tightly by all. The player is caught finally.
A game of Kabaddi is being played.
The teacher will provide more descriptions on chits.
The teacher can ask students to prepare chits.

8. A car was stuck in a ditch. The details of the rescue operation are not given in proper order. Write the number in the boxes to arrange the steps.

(1) The strong rope is being carried with by the helper.
(2) The car is being moved away from the ditch slowly.
(3) A crane is standing near the spot.
(4) A strong rope is being tied to the crane by other helpers.
(5) A helper is going into the ditch slowly with safety precautions.
(6) The car is being pulled by the crane.
(7) Other end of the rope is being tied to the car.
(8) The emergency staff appreciated by all present here.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

9. Read the news article. There are 12 errors in it. Identify these errors and rewrite the paragraph correcting them.

The Policemen was called to the Federal National Bank yesterday. The bank was robbing at 12.15 pm. A big amount looted. No customer were hurted but one robber was shot by police. Later, several customer were interviewed about the robbery. Many clues are left at the bank but no robber has caught yet. Clues are been investigated. Some fingerprints were also founded at the bank. Some images of robbers are captured over CCTV cameras. The officers from the police department is investigating the case well.
The Policemen were called by the Federal National Bank yesterday. The bank was robbed at 12:15 pm. A big amount was looted. No customer were hurt but one robber was shot by police. Later, several customers were interviewed about the robbery. Many clues were left at the bank but no robber has been caught yet. Clues are being investigated. Some fingerprints are also found at the bank. Some images of robbers are captured by CCTV cameras. The officers from the police department are investigating the case well.


Question 1.
You studied how amazing the tiny There is another insect which is found near us-the bees. Study the behaviour of the bees and write 10-12 sentences on what you find out.

queen bee – working bees – soldier bees – beehive engineers – honey collectors – working as a team – nurturing baby bees-design of beehive – protection of beehive
Honeybees: Honeybees are social and live in colonies numbering to thousands. There are three types of adult honeybees namely: The queen, male drones and infertile female workers.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

There is only one egg laying queen but three thousand workers. The queen bees mate with drones and establish new colonies. Eggs are laid in cells of the nests. Each queen produces about 2000 eggs a day. The bees live in hives made up of wax.

Workers mould the wax and make cells. The honey; bee workers tend the larvae by secreting liquid from the abdomnal glands. They are responsible  for carrying and storing food.

They can produce substancial amount of honey. The nector collected from plants becomes honey. The bee workers emerge as adults and guard the hives.

Question 2.
You are watching a rescue operation in which a fire fighter is saving a person from a house on fire. Write your commentary of that rescue operation.
(Clues : break the window glass – enter the – room-use ceasefire – bring the person-tied the person using safety belt – rescued)
A building was ablaze. The fire fighters were trying to put out the fire. Some of the residents were unable to get out before the fire got worse. The rescue workers courageously got on a ladder which was stretched to a window where a little girl was standing asking for help.

Some of the fire fighters took the risk of entering the building in spite of huge flames. Some of them carried the injured on their shoulders and brought them out. In doing so they themselves got burnt.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

The fire fighters made use of many equipments not only to protect themselves but also to those who were trapped in the building. Eventually the fire was put out and all the persons who were trapped in were saved.

Question 3.
What similarities and differences do you find between ants and human beings ? Make a list of them.

No. Similarity Differences
1. Teamwork Selfishness
2. Arduous work Indolent
3. Overcoming difficulties Not ferocious
4. Adeptness Promote personal interest
5. Farming Avoid training slaves
6. Develop social sense Flee from dangerous situations

4. Prepare a list of 10 questions to interview a scientist who has been researching in the field of Myrmecology (Scientific study of Ants).

(1) What is your name ?
(2) What is your qualification ?
(3) Where did you study ?
(4) How did you get interested in myrmecology ?
(5) Which country do you belong to ?
(6) What is your goal in life ?
(7) Do you require support ?
(8) What sort of support do you require ?
(9) How do you benefit from ant study ?
(10) Who encouraged you for such an unfamiliar subject?

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign


1. Work in groups. Collect pictures and photographs of different types of ants; mention their peculiarities and display them on your notice board.

2. Divide the students in a groups of five. Each group would collect fun facts about any of the species of birds, animals or insects other than ants. Then the group-leader of each group would share fun facts with the class.

In both of these activities, students will collect necessary information – fun facts and carry out these activities in their classes.


The life cycle of ants has four distinct stages: egg, larvae, pupae and adult. It is known as complete metamorphosis. Divide the students into groups and ask them to prepare posters explaining the life cycle of different species of ants.

Note: Students will correct information from different sources and prepare the posters themselves.

No Men are Foreign Summary in Gujarati

જેમ્સ કિર્કપ ‘નો મૅન આર ફોરીન’ કાવ્ય દ્વારા વિશ્વબંધુત્વની ભાવનાનો સંદેશ આપે છે. આ કાવ્યમાં તે કહે છે કે માનવમાત્રએ એ વાત યાદ રાખવી જોઈએ કે કોઈ પણ વ્યક્તિ અજાણી, અસામાન્ય કે વિદેશી નથી.

તમામ પહેરવેશની નીચે એક જ માનવશરીર રહેલું છે. આપણે સૌ એક જ રીતે શ્વસીએ છીએ. જે ભૂમિ પર આપણે ચાલીએ છીએ તે આપણી સૌની છે, અને મૃત્યુ બાદ પણ આ જ ભૂમિમાં દફન થવાના છીએ. સૂર્ય, હવા અને પાણી આપણા સૌનાં છે.

યુદ્ધ સિવાયના સમયમાં આપણે સૌ સરખું જ અન્ન ખાઈએ છીએ અને યુદ્ધની પરિસ્થિતિમાં ભૂખ્યા રહેવાનું પણ સૌ માટે સમાન છે. આપણે ઈશ્વરે આપેલા એ જ બે હાથથી મહેનત-મજૂરી કરીએ છીએ. આપણે એ પણ યાદ રાખવું જોઈએ વિશ્વમાં દરેકને નિહાળવા બે આંખો આપી છે.

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

અન્યોની શક્તિ પણ આપણા જેટલી જ છે અને ગમે તેટલી મહાન તાકાતને પણ પ્રેમથી વશ કરી શકાય છે. જીવવાની શૈલી પણ માનવમાત્રથી સમગ્ર વિશ્વમાં સમાન છે. આમ, આપણે યાદ રાખવું જોઈએ કે આપણા વિશ્વબંધુઓને આપણે કદાપિ ધિક્કારવા ન જોઈએ; આપણે અગર તેમને ધિક્કારીએ છીએ તો એનો અર્થ એ કે આપણે આપણી જાતની ટીકા કરીએ છીએ અથવા છેતરીએ છીએ.

જ્યારે કોઈ પણ કારણસર આપણે તેમની સાથે લડવા માટે પ્રવૃત્ત થઈએ છીએ (દેશ-દેશ વચ્ચેના યુદ્ધનો સંદર્ભ) ત્યારે આપણે સમગ્ર પૃથ્વીને પ્રદૂષિત કરીએ છીએ અને ગંદકી ફેલાવીએ છીએ. આમ, આપણે સમજી લેવું જોઈએ કે વિશ્વનો કોઈ પણ માનવ અજાણ્યો નથી કે કોઈ પણ દેશ વિદેશ નથી.

Glossary (શબ્દાર્થ)

uniforms (n.) (યુનિફોર્મ્સ) (here) different kinds of clothes – (અહીં) વિવિધ પ્રકારનો ગણવેશ
stava (v) (સ્ટા) went without basic needs to live – ભૂખે મર્યા, જીવનની પાયાની જરૂરિયાતોથી વંચિત રહ્યા


war’s long winter – war makes the life of the people and lands infertile – અછત કે દુકાળની પરિસ્થિતિ


યાદ રહે, કોઈ લોકો અજાણ્યા નથી, કોઈ દેશ વિદેશ નથી
વિવિધ ગણવેશની ભીતર, શ્વસે છે એક જ શરીર
આપણી (સૌની) જેમ : એ ભૂમિ, જેના પર આપણા બાંધવો ચાલે છે
એ એ જ પૃથ્વી છે, જેમાં આપણે સૌ એક દિવસ) પોઢી જઈશું.
એ લોકો પણ (એ જ) સૂર્ય, હવા અને જળથી વાકેફ છે,
એમનું પોષણ થાય છે, શાતાદાયક ફસલથી
(અને) યુદ્ધ સર્જિત તીવ્ર અછતના શીતકાલથી
તેમના હાથ નથી ભિન્ન આપણાથી, અને તેમની
રેખાઓમાં આપણને ઉકેલાય છે
એક એવો શ્રમ, જે નથી જુદો આપણા શ્રમ થકી
યાદ રહે તેમની આંખો (પણ) આપણા જેવી જ છે જે જાગે છે ?
કે સૂવે છે, અને (એ જ) પ્રેમથી જીતી શકાતું સામર્થ્ય

GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Unit 5 Read 2 No Men are Foreign

દરેક ભૂમિ પર છે એક જ સમાન જીવન
જેનાથી બધા વાકેફ છે અને એને) સમજે છે.
આપણે યાદ રાખીએ, જ્યારે જ્યારે આપણને કહેવામાં આવે કે
આપણા જ ભાઈઓને ધિક્કારો ત્યારે આપણે જ
તેનો પ્રતિકાર કરવો પડશે, છેહ દેવો પડશે
અને વખોડવું પડશે. યાદ રહે, અન્યોન્યની સામે હથિયાર ઉગામનારા
એ જ આપણે – આપણી આ જ માનવ ધરતી છે, જેને
પ્રદૂષિત કરી અગનઝાળ અને ધૂળથી ભરેલાં આપણાં નર્કગૃહો
સર્વવ્યાપી નિર્દોષતાની આપણી પોતાની હવાને અતિક્રમી જાય છે.
યાદ રહે, કોઈ માનવો વિદેશી નથી, અને કોઈ દેશ પરાયો (અજાણ્યો) નથી.– જેમ્સકિર્કપ

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